When you think of higher education chances are that virtual reality is not something that pops into your mind. In recent years, online education has transformed the facet of education by supplementing the traditional methods allowing students to take internet courses on their own. Online classes have become a powerful tool for educators to expand their reach while delivering students a way to receive an education from the comfort of their homes.

However, despite these advantages, online classes have proven to be a double-edged sword. During the learning process, every student needs personal help that interactive books alone cannot deliver. The highest quality education should be social and interactive and even if distance degree programs provide that through different web communication tools, the social dynamic of real world is still missing.

Virtual reality delivers the best aspects of both traditional classes and online classes into a single platform. With different tools that provide avatars which represent students and educators and also other technologies, educators are finding the newest generation of virtual worlds tools that can simplify the presentations. Internet courses become interactive in a virtual setting.

Even subjects like math or chemistry, which, without doubts, generate lots of questions can benefit from the coming virtual world transformation. Online education can be brought to a whole new level. Students will address questions while their discussions are facilitated through discussions via chat. All the technologies that ease education can happen in a virtual classroom.

Virtual learning will open the doors for people to access the best kind of online education by mixing the best of real world. The best of the internet and online applications, modern technology and so one will be used to create the best internet courses students will participate at. While it may sound Sci-fi, consider that the modern world is rapidly evolving with the intention to facilitate the lives of its people.

What would you have to say about pursuing a distance learning program or even several degree programs in a virtual reality setting? With VR, you will have the chance to study a distance learning program, let’s say in Human Medicine, where you will participate in surgery from the comfort of your home. Amazing, right? Participating at your chosen distance learning program or degree programs will be more entertaining than ever.

Virtual Reality and Online Classes

118 thoughts on “Virtual Reality and Online Classes

  • my Name is Alphajor Barrie, I have Graduated from High School in 2017 but my Mother don\’t have money to Further my Education to College. Please help me, I live in Sierra Leone,West African

  • Hie my name is Lameck Gube .l have graduated from high school last year(2017) l would like to further my education.May you please assist financially.Thank you in advance

  • Hello: I wish all the best and health I am a father familly what happened to me when I graduated from high school, my country has been in a civil war for 27 years in a war that has devastated the nation\’s governing state. Somalia. So I ask you to help me with a free online scholarship because I do not have the financial resources to give it to university, so I hope you will accept my request. I live in Moglemu Somalia. Thank you.

  • this taza from ethiopia i have ba degree in university and i would like to further my education and my point from university 3.16gp i am 24 years old please assist me. now i\’m working on ethiopian airlines .

  • Hi,
    I m Paul N. Monbo a Liberian. I m a college graduate who did secondary education with emphasis in History.
    I m in search of a scholarship to further my studies. Pls help me to reach my goals.
    Thanks a lot.

  • I am by name Nyam Lawrence am a final year undergraduate student of computer science @ federal university gashua yobe state of Nigeria and i was wondering if i could get some sort of financial assistance in running my project hope i hear frm you guys thanks for your time and cooperation in due time peace.

  • Am Abu Hauwa oshione. From Nigeria have National Diploma in Quantity Surveying. And am interested in a scholarship to enable me further my study in any part of the world as am interested in furthering my education. Thank you

  • I am by the name abdirahman ahmed I have finished high school in 2017 my family is a poor family and I am leaving in a refugee camp my family has no money to pay for me to study please help me I need to make my future bright and only can help me do that

  • Hi i am Paul a Ugandan and my dream is to become a pilot and its really expensive to pay for it becouse a family that i come from is not a rich one please help me get my dream i will be glard to recieve any help i am ready to learn if i get a chance i will not let you down.

  • I am very interested in the study of international policy and business in China
    I\’m a graduate of Accounting and wish to further and also work while furthering my carreer in your country .

  • Kenyan, I think the site will be helpful to many including me,am not financially stable and i need to persue in my career choice.Thank you,,egerly waitng for the respond\’

  • I am keshav sharma and i perusing my btech in electrical and my father have no money for my study and i want more study
    Please help me
    Thank you
    Keshav sharma

  • My name is Arbaz Sikandar I was complete my B.Sc from Agriculture universty i want to further study in campus under profesor so how can i do

  • Hello!my name is Imrane Ahmat Youssouf.I was complete my from Informatics university i want to further study in campus under professor so how can I do.

  • Hello sir, i get an admission into university here in Nigeria (NOUN) but i need some money to pay central admission fees, please help me out to make it.
    Thank you

  • Hi im mohamed jabl from Sudan I have AM degree from unvirstiy of Bahri may a got chance for free scholarship. Thank you

  • My name is Abduelhadi. I am from North Sudan(Darfur region)which affected by civil war since 2003, up to date, I hope to keep going in my education. …

  • Hey I am Mohaeka Ratsebe and I would like to further my education and become one of the best cardiologists in the world. But my parents cannot afford to send me to the best university.
    I would prefer to attend classes physically. Online courses make things easier but i would love to travel the world . I was born and raised in Lesotho and I haven\’t lived anywhere else. Please help!

  • I,am Harisu Ibrahim by name,from gombe state.i hereby to join my degree program through online study,i support this policy.

  • Hy my name is zainab i graduated from high school but no money to further my education please i need your assistance

  • Hy, am Yinka i joined this group to start a degree course.i graduated as an OND in Ibadan, Nigeria 2014.Am an Orphan, and i wish to continue my education as BSC. Thanks

  • I am Petro Justine from Tanzania i have graduated form six in 2014 with business combination (Economics) l would like to search finance for further studies online degree especially in Barchalor of Business Administration

  • Hi, What a grate opportunity to study from virtual learning. I would like join VL to pursue a masters degree in Humanities or Social sciences or Public Administration. I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration.
    I am Barugahara Edward
    (East Africa- Uganda.)

  • Am nawati faridah from Uganda requesting for a scholarship because I passed well my exams with 18points but I have failed to get a scholarship please help me

  • Hi am Ali a Kenyan..would like to pursue my education after graduating from a high school,though my family can\’t afford to support me financially I would plea to get a helping hand from you and would appreciate your efforts regarding my ambitions in the future endeavors.. Thanks in advance.

  • Am Ezra kapachika from Malawi. Am willing to to be assisted in furthering my education to have a masters . Am possessing a bachers in information science.

  • I am Samson and I really need to pursue a Bachelor\’s degree but I do not have the financial capacity to do so.I therefore kindly request for your help.

  • Hi,am Achenkeng Gabriel am a student at law in yde.I wish to continue with studies out of my country but no financial capability. Am hoping to get financial aid

  • I am sharmarke that\’s the only one I need it
    That\’s my dream to study online degree inside my country my national is Somalia and I need is the faculty geology thanks all about helps

  • I have completed my o\’level in Uganda where and how do I start getting help from you? because I have no chance of continuity with my studies. your offer is of great value to me.

  • My name is Kennedy Muiruri am from Kenya.
    I graduated my form 4 course last year.
    My parent are peasant farmers with nothing.
    I humble myself toward your help.

  • Good morning
    I m Chitra Bahadur Rokaya and working as Senior Agriculture Economist in Government of Nepal. I have completed my M.Sc Ag. in Plant Protection and also completed my Bachlor in Agriculture Economics as elective course. I would like to explore my Ph D in degree in Agriculture Economics in full scholorship. Please let me advice that how I can obtain this opportunity.

  • I have completed my medical technical lamb in Cameroon where and how do I start getting help from you? because I have no chance of continuity with my studies to get my licence, master and PhD. your offer is of great value to me.

  • Hi i am Melachio Elmine and my dream is to have my PhD in medical lamb and its really expensive to pay for it because a family that i come from is not a rich one please help me get my dream i will be glard to recieve any help i am ready to learn if i get a chance i will not let you down.

  • First of thank you for giving us such a big chance in our life. And I need first degree in software and hardware engineering. But I can\’t afford from my own instant. So would you mind that you take part helping me!?

  • Thanks for this offer!
    Am Aneth swai from Tanzania i would like to study anywhere .Please help me i like to study but i cant afford universities cost.
    Have nice moment

  • I\’m a Congolese refugee to south Africa, I register to UCT for occupational health and safety, I need a financial support ,thanks.


  • Hello,
    Am Mwanza Musa from Zambia in need of financial Aid to further my studies in accounting, am ready to study from anywhere at any time, I really need help.
    Thank you..

  • hi am Ronny Irunga from Kenya.Am currently in my last year in high school joining university next year.I want to pursue Aeronautrical engineering abroad to secure my future.Please help me out.
    Thank you

  • Hello my name is Niwahereza Ritah from Uganda, I finished high school in 2016. I really love to further my education, am interested in economics and statistics and I hope you put my request under your consideration

  • My name is Leah jepkoririn Kenya finished my high school 2017 need your financial support to study anywhere.Thankyou in advance

  • Hi I am Motselisi Scout from Lesotho and would like to apply for a degree in hospitality management or computer Science Engineering. I would be very grateful if you help me with the scholarship.

  • I\’m Rwandan country, i want to study for to additional level . I have high school level , then I wish to continue in university. thank you

  • Hello Dear,
    please this is Isaac from Ghana. I am studying in the University of Development Studies. I am pursuing Accounting And Finance as a program. Currently I am in Level 200. I am taking care of my school fees and other dues.
    As things stand now, I am financially handicapped and need your support.
    Thank you

  • Good morning.
    Am a Zambian female citizen aged 19 intending to study Medicine( MB ChB) and later on do a Masters in Internal Medicine.
    The challenge I have is sourcing Scholarship for both Programmes.
    Currently I have Distinctions in Biology,Mathematics,Chemistry,Physics,Additional Mathematics and English at O Level stage.I also have A Levels in Mathematics,Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
    Kindly assist me with a Scholarship.

  • Hi! My name is wissal rafiq I\’m from morroco I have a high school level I want to study for the additional study I wish to continue in a university Thank you

  • My name is Malyun from Kenya I have finished my high school in 2016 I really need to further my education but I\’m facing from a poor family iam interested in the faculty of medicine. Consider my request please, I will be grateful. Waiting your positive feedback in advance

  • my name is Ndagijimana xavier I was born in Rwandan country now I have diploma in biology chemistry with education from university of Rwanda but I want to upgrade my degree the problem is financially if possible help me to study.
    thank you

  • I Graduate From High School 2016 But Haven\’t Been Able To Further Because Am financially Stable Am Interested And My Field Of Study Is Media (Mass Communication )I Will Appreciative If You Could Help

  • Am very grateful for this offer. I have my o\’level certificate in Nigeria and looking forward to be a Law student. I will appreciate it if am granted this scholarship.

  • Hello am dr melese am general practitioner here in Ethiopia.thanks for giving me this chance.if possible I need to specialize my profession to orthopedic

  • Hey I\’m Frankline odhiambo from Kenya I was in second year in Taita Taveta university but I cannot continue with my studies because of lack of finance I sincerely ask for any assistance for I\’m passionate about learning.

  • Dear sir, am interested in advancing my Education but as a religious nun,am not i have no money for this.
    I request that am assisted through some scholarship to study administrative law.

  • my name mohamed from somali I crossed the high school stage I can not afford to go to college level
    so I\’m asking to help me get a scholarship at college level thank you very much 

  • dear sir .
    I will be a pilot but am not i have a money to achieve this dream ……. please help me whith what i aspir to achieve ……thanks

  • I completed senior high school in the year 2013 and life has not been easy for me for the past five years now. Please Sir I need this scholarship seriously to able to further education to a level.
    I hope my comment will be considered.
    Thank you.

  • Hello, I\’m Issa from Rwanda and I\’m a high school leaver last year 2017 in PCB(physics,chemistry and biology) with 67/73 aggregates ,I passed well in spite of hardship and cimplicated life , I wad born in a poor family so much that my only mom and I are not able to afford the fee for university , I\’d like to ask you help with this opportunity to pursue either medicine,pharmacy or nursing as it\’s my dream since I was young to help people for better health , I will be grateful if I\’m granted this opportunity , thank you , I\’m looking forward to hear from you

  • Hello l am a high school graguate, l wrote zimsec exams last year and attained 13 points wth th following grades, , Accounting A, , Mathematics B, , Economics B, thrf
    ore l want tofurther mu studies in Actuarial Science but l dont hv enough funds to do so, , l am frm a poor family located in
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, my father passed our 18 years ago nd my mom z struggling to pay so l need help,

  • my name is shukri Mohamed Aden from Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya but originally from Somalia. I graduated high school in the year 2017. Iam not financially able to further my study to college or university therefore I would have requested a hand help from you . THANK YOU.

  • I\’m Omielet Ncube from Zimbabwe. I finished my advanced level in 2014 I failed to continue because of financial problems. I would love your support. I want to study my degree with Unissa

  • I am a mosotho woman aged 25….I have obtained my c.o.s.c certificate with third class at Lesotho High School…..my parent dont hv money to further my studies …so can u please help

  • Dear sir or Madam,
    am wezie Timothy munyenyembe writing from Blantyre Malawi. I was enrolled to parsue a bachelor\’s degree at Catholic university this January which I started but due to lack of fees am remaining with two weeks to save my situation. so am asking for a sponsor to finish my education

  • Hello,
    My name is Temokem Noel, and am from Cameroon, am 20 years old and am a holder of a diploma in accounting from the association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA), my country is currently in a serious crisis (anglophone crisis) and this has disrupted my education such that my guardians can no longer afford my fees. Please am looking for a sponsor to enable me study abroad in any university offering my field of study.
    Thank you.

  • Hello,
    My name is Temokem Noel, and am from Cameroon, am 20 years old and am a holder of a diploma in accounting from the association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA), my country is currently in a serious crisis (anglophone crisis) and this has disrupted my education such that my guardians can no longer afford my fees. Please am looking for a sponsor to enable me study abroad in any university offering my field of study.
    Thank you. My mobile number is +237 654900938

  • My full name is Philemon Machaba Mgosi, A\’m a Diploma student in Forestry Training Institute-Olmotonyi Arusha Tanzania -East Africa and a\’m expecting to complete my studies on August this year 2018. So please help me to get scholarship/sponsorship for my Bachelor degree in Environmental planning and Management, as i cannot afford to pay my fees for Bachelor degree and i can study anywhere. I will appreciate if my request will be considered positively.
    My phone number is +255 762 030411.

  • Hello sir/ madam..I am Oluka Henry Felix…. I\’m writing from Nigeria…. I\’m 19 years old….I need scholarship to study in abroad

  • I want to study medical and surgery or physioteraphy. Please, if possible help me with scholarship admission inorder to study abroad. Thank you.

  • My name is aditi Chavir . I am in 7 this standard . My mother and father are farmer . So I haven\’t no money . Please help me. I live in hiwara village in saswad , pune

  • I am a Ugandan aged 23. I hold a diploma in clinical medicine and community health.
    I need a scholarship for my bachelor\’s in nutrition and dietetics. In any University

  • Im Christopher lakish. I need a scholarship for my bachelor in medicine. I\’ll accept any university given

  • am from Ethiopia and i have got Bsc in mining engineering know i want to study mining for further study in order to Msc, so if you accept me please inbox me.

  • Am Derrick Chella from Kenya and graduated from high school last year(2017) and would be very grateful if I get a scholarship in any engineering course.Looking upon your response.Thank you!

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