If you want to specialize yourself or boost your work opportunities but cannot afford to put your life on hold, your current job or stay away from your family, then you might want to consider a distance learning degree. Online education is the solution to the stringent need for education of people who cannot commit to the traditional student life. Hence, let’s see which are the most sought-after UK Universities that could help you further your career? These universities provide all types of distance learning degree programs, ranging from Bachelor, Master and PhD. programs to Short Courses.

Top UK universities that are offering distance learning degree programs

The Open University UK has over 170.000 students, top degree qualifications and attracts international students interested in pursuing an online degree program. The Open University UK entices students with flexible schedule and high quality degree programs.

University of Liverpool in cooperation with laureate Online Education is one of the top online education institutions in the world according to Financial Times. The University of Liverpool in collaboration with Laureate Online Education provides 41 programs and each online degree program is unique. Also, this online university covers a wide area of disciplines.

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is a college of the University of London. Also, SOAS is the only Higher Education institution in the UK specialized in the study of Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Near. If you are passionate about oriental studies, choose worry-free an online degree program offered by this online university.

Imperial College London embodies and delivers world class education and research in science, medicine, engineering with particular regard to their application in industry, commerce and healthcare. As an online university, Imperial College London fosters interdisciplinary working internally and collaborates externally, as well, with other institutions.

If you want to receive an UK certificate, there are many top-notch online universities that can meet your exigencies. If you want to expand your research and find other online universities from UK feel free to consult Google. You will be surprised to find that UK fosters many experienced online universities.

Top UK Universities Appropriate for Distance Learning

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  • I want to do an online MSC/MA degree in Agronomy (crop science-cereals) but do not have the required amount of money to pay and also an appropriate university that offers it online if any help could come by I would be more than grateful to the source of help.

  • I want to study MSC degree in forest pathology but i have n\’t tution fees to pay school fees any universty can help me to achieve my goals.

    thank you

  • I love to offer master degree in public health but my hands are tied due to financial constraint ,hence, if by any means it works out for me to benefit this financial support and simultaneously secure opportunity to bagg my master degree ,I will be grateful.

  • I really like to study for a bachelor degree in Theology but I have no access to a college neither have tuition fees. Please can you help me to achieve this ambition.

  • I am very much Interested to pursue a bachelor\’s degree in economics but don\’t have access to the college or the funds. Please help me fulfill my dream to help develop my developing nation of Papua New Guinea.

  • I am currently a Bsc. student in public health final year. please help me achieve my goals, I want to study Msc. in public health

  • I\’ve always wanted to study in UK and travel the world, but getting into a university in UK is pretty difficult for a foreign student. I\’m very glad I did because now I\’m happily studying MATHEMATICS (algebra) M.Sc tuition free at the University of Dilla (ethiopia). I\’m enormously grateful to SEG Study in UK for helping me achieve my dreams!

  • i am a B.ED(ARTS) graduate and would wish to pursue a masters degree in psychology. kindly help secure a chance

  • i am graduate and would wish to pursue a masters degree in veterinary medecine kindly help secure a chance

  • Hello,
    Am Samwel Mfaume from Tanzania, am seeking for scholarship since 2016 when I graduated my advanced level secondary education but I didn\’t succeeded, and my parents are not able to pay tuition fees in my local universities. If possible, help me some money or university scholarship with sponsored accommodations.

  • I would to persue masters in economics and if i will be lucky extend my studies to PhD level .am from kenya

  • I want to study Law but I just have a school leaving certificate and I have not worked anywhere,so I have no work experience.

  • I have adiplom certificate in civil engineering and am working with my uncle in building construction… Do u offer degree in architecture

  • i want a scholarship grant because am suffering to pay for my studies and there is no one to assist me at home since both my parents died and there is no breadwinner

  • first of all i wanna thanks all of you for you are opens this great site becuase everybody can solve his/her problem through your\’s,and you the best.i wanna study in united kingdom in physics.I hope i meet it whith a graet support of you,and you please help me!

  • Hello, i want to study Pathology Master program study research, but i don\’t know how i can apply it?

  • Hi I want to get deploma in Human resource management and in communication from UK if I get scholarship from any of standardized Uk university

    Hajra Sarwar
    Master degree holder
    In Social Work

  • I would want to study medicine. I completed my \’O\’ level in 2017 at a high school in Zimbabwe . I was able to achieve 7A\’s and 3B\’s. I am looking forward to your response on my email account.

  • Names Fatima,Am from Kenya,a highschool graduate,and I would like to apply,to the UK for further studies on medicine,really hope I get a vacant spot


  • Hai

    I need a scholarship to offset my degree fees at Atlantic International University. I have a balance of $4500 so I cant get my degree unless I pay it off.
    Any aid towards this can help me further pursue a Mastors program in Finance.

    Kind Regards

  • hai I need to study in UK by scholarship not online studying,how can I get through? your consideration will be highly appreciated.

  • Please i need to study in uk,to further in my education and i will be very grateful if i was among the people choosen scholarship.

  • I dont know why I can\’t get any scholarship or bursary coz I haved pass my metric really Well I got an distinction on physics ,Maths ,English and life orientation is this my bad lucky or what?

  • l want a certificate in laboratory techniques and currently doing a degree in Biotechnology and biosciences

  • Please I\’m in need of this scholarship ,I have tried several times but not minding me, I want to study law or economics so please help me with this scholarship, thank you

  • Hi good evening! I want to pursue my Ph.D. in science education major in General Science but I am not financially capable. please help me to realize my plan. Thanks

  • Hello I am a student from Kenyatta University in Kenya taking bachelors in science(general) but i would wish to pursue a bachelor in science in mathematics and statics but because of finances I am unable,,,kindly help

  • Hi I\’m jameel I currently a petroleum and natural gas Engineering student,I want to study at uk kindly please reply me

  • Hi I\’m jameel I currently a petroleum and natural gas Engineering student, I want to study at uk kindly please reply me

  • Hi, I\’m a grade 10 student who would like to study abroad, are there any scholarship schools which can accept a grade 10 certificate student?

  • I am very interesting to study MA in Geography department at university of Liverpool online. I hope you will allow me to get that and show how to apply.

  • It will be an honour and a fulfilment if my dreams if I am granted a scholarship to study and obtain a bachelor\’s degree in the UK
    Hoping to get a positive response,I remain,Tikoli Nella Fanui

  • Looking for full sponsered master\’s course.Iam a ugandan who completed Barchelor of education from Makerere Univ.I wanted to purse Masters of educ in educational planing but family constraits could not allow me,finacially.

  • I want to obtain BSc in Crops Production at any advance University but I do not have the support or finance to pursue my education.

  • Hello there,it doesn\’t matter if it\’s bursary or scholarship
    I\’ll accept one of them.Thank you

  • I /\’m somalia national currently a refugee
    in Uganda capital Kampala
    I would like to pursue my education
    could you let me know if I quality for the scholarship please help me sir or madam
    number +256795040351

  • Helw! am girl from Tanzania i need to study UK bachelor of science in Acturial science assist me fully scholarship am poor girl. And how to apply scholarship. Thank you and god blessed

  • I need this scholarship, just finished secondary school, I wanna further my education abroad, Thanks

  • I need to acquire a sound mechanical skill over seas. or sound graphical and cinematography skill. please help me for the free scholarship

  • hey my name is Clara and am interested in a scholarship to boost my academics am from Uganda pursuing a degree in Public Administration and Management

  • hey my name is debela melese iam from ethiopian and am interested in a free scholarship in any program plz helpe me how can i get it.

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